Hatton Garden might be the worst place in England to buy a diamond but some bespoke jewellers are moving with the times

For many people, a trip to Hatton Garden, the heart of the London diamond district, is essential to see the best diamond rings in the UK.

But is…

Diamond Engagement Ring

The Diamond Engagement Ring Guide by James Sanders

Buying an engagement ring should be an enjoyable experience that you remember fondly.

If you can avoid these expensive mistakes, you should be well prepared to buy the best possible ring for your budget.

Few people know much about diamonds and it’s…

by James Sanders, London

It should be easy, but once you look into this murky trade, your perceptions might change.

Most high-end ‘luxury’ jewellers advertise heavily. No doubt you’ll have seen their adverts on billboards and glossy magazines. The image they wish to portray is one of decadence, taste, exclusivity and beauty. …

James Sanders London

Artist. Father. Son. Founder of London Diamonds Official

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